1989 AM General Humvee Powered by a 6.2l GM Diesel Motor

1989 AM General Humvee Powered by a 6.2l GM Diesel Motor
$ 14700.00


It looks wet! Prior to paint the body was sand blasted, this was a very tedious process and our painter definitely let us know of this! We Opted for a Metallic Grey that can be found on the 2004 Ford Lightning. We replaced all the hardware with Stainless using a Permitex barrier to stop corrosion. No “Tape off” marks on this truck, we took the hood off for paint along with all accessories involved with it. Please look at the photo gallery below and see the attention to detail on the front end. We then went ahead and ordered a few parts from one of our good suppliers Predator. They hooked us up with the Predator D ring Brush Guard, Front Winch Skid Plate and a windscreen Lightbar Mount. We mounted all of the items with new hardware on our end, all Grade 8 or better. We Went with The Baja Design Onyx 50″ light bar up top and a 20″ Baja Design Onyx on the center of the brush guard. There are no Chinese lights on this truck! When you turn them on it is like the Sun came back out at night.
The Interior was completely stripped down and carefully planned out, Most if not all hardware has been replaced. Four Custom Mounted Corbeau Seats accent the interior with matching 4 point harnesses using all stainless / brass hardware for durability. The front Seat mount was custom fabricated for easy height Adjustment. The Interior is Insulated with a Thick coat of light bullet Grey Line X, we chose this as it would be durable in case you wanted to wash it out after a day in the mud. All Electrical components have been gone though and operate like they should.
Coolant system was gone though and flushed, Radiator was pressure tested. Its runs perfect, this is not a project Humvee. Every axle was replaced with a New Old Stock unit ( No Rebuilds ), suspension was torn down and rebuilt and it made a world of a difference going down the road. Every Bushing has been replaced on the front end. Essentially anything with excessive wear or any play was replaced with new items. This was a very expensive process but worth it. Professionally removed the negative camber in the rear, and gave it a professional alignment, it tracks perfectly straight.

Additional information

Make: AM
Model: General Humvee
Year: 1989
Mileage: 50000
Interior Color: Black
Exterior Color: Grey
Transmission: Automatic
Body Type: Suv
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 058746
Fuel Type: Diesel

Price: $ 14700.00