1964 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint 2.6-liter engine

1964 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint 2.6-liter engine
$ 16000.00


There is excellent patina everywhere you look inside this car. The pleated red leather of the seats is worn around the edges but in all the right ways. There are a few seems that have let go that could easily be repaired by a skilled upholstery specialist but besides that, the seats are in good useable condition and present a warm and inviting place from which to drive. The leather door cards mimic the seats in that they show excellent patina with some seems that could stand to be restitched if one chose to go that route. The door sills are covered in Bertone kick plates that show wear inline with the rest of the interior but are an excellent touch to the grand touring nature of the car. The door jams are relatively clean and are free of any rust. The carpets are heavily stained but are not torn or worn excessively and are absolutely original. The floors under the front carpets display some minor surface rusting/discoloration but nothing that would be considered structural. The dash of this car is very well intact with no significant splitting or pulls present in the leather portions. The gauges are clear and easily read. All the switches and knobs are in original and wonderfully well-preserved condition with no cracking or discoloration.
The engine bay of this car again presents as highly original. One could spend hours of time attempting to clean and remove the signs of years of usage, but we do not feel that is necessary in the least bit. Hoses all appear to be in serviceable condition with correct style clamps adorning the plumbing for the air intake system. The intake runners themselves cover most of the engine bay and are gloriously covered with patina but are in entirely functioning order. The three Solex Carburetors appear in good working order and show no visible signs of leaking The firewall and inner fenders are all straight and present no signs that this car was ever in an accident etc. The heat protection on the underside of the hood is torn in a spot or two, and the insulation is coming out, but the factory data tag is still located on the upper corner. The only other real issue under the hood is that the blower motor for the interior heater is cracked.

Additional information

Make: Alfa Romeo
Model: 2600 Sprint
Year: 1964
Mileage: 39,670
Interior Color: Red
Exterior Color: Silver
Transmission: Manual
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): AR854011
Fuel Type: Gas

Price: $ 16000.00